vineri, 4 septembrie 2009

Ego is a Pay pal

All the possible worlds undone
All the loves ignorantly unfelt
All the true-eye discourses unsaid
All the beautiful children unborn
All the light needed in the darkest place unreleased
All the story-telling bodies untouched
All the unnecessary wars unstopped
All the elevating places unseen
All the divine rhythms undanced
All the wild wounds uncovered
All the wonderful self unloved

All in all: untrue but real.

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balazs spunea...

All the true character un-understood
All the beautiful flowers unplucked
All the sunrises unwatched
All the heartfelt 'sorry-s' untold
All the goodbyes unsaid
All the loves felt
All the loves put aside
All the loves slowly floating towards the unending horizon
All the memories never forgot
All the cold nights kept warm
All the wonderful self loved and ...
All in all: true but unreal